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Kirsten. 24.

I write, usually badly. I study, I work, I listen to music, and sometimes I take pictures. Simplicity is best.

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Michigan | The Milk Carton Kids

Saw these guys play tonight in Memphis. Seriously talented.


Traditional Exterior by Monrovia Architects & Designers Mark Hutchins

Omg I am so NOT interested in getting hit on at a gas station like I just want cigarettes not unsolicited efforts to catch my attention thank you

Wow I really wish I could get through one day without some sort of anxiety over SOMETHING


I never realized how dangerous eye contact can be until I burned holes in so many people. I made them believe I loved them. They saw an entire life time in my dilated eyes. They saw a future in the stillness of my lashes. I wanted to see inside them and they thought I wanted to make a home there. 

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You weren’t right for me but you were still important to me. You made me happy for a short time and I loved you for that, as much as I could.


For Mayor In Splitsville \ La Dispute
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